Here you can find the talks and posters presented at the Conference (if available):

Formation of COMs: surface routes vs new gas-phase routes

Audrey Coutens (Bordeaux, FR) Title
Dimitrios Skouteris (Pisa, IT) Title
Alexey Potapov (University of Jena, DE) Formation of molecules on the surface of laboratory interstellar grain analogues

Low temperature chemistry and kinetics and processes (gas and solid)

Sergiy Krasnokutskiy (Jena, DE) Title
Johannes Kästner (Stuttgart, DE) Title
Stanka Jerosimić (Belgrade, RS) Title

Isotopic fractionation pathways in space

Kenji Furuya (Tsukuba, JP) Title
Gunnar Nyman (Gothenburg, SWE) Title
Olli Sipilä (MPE) Species-to-species rate coefficients for the H3+ + H2 reacting system

Nanoparticles: Condensation, reactivity and diffusion

Herma Cuppen (Nijmegen, NL) Title
David Gobrecht (Leuven, BE) Title
Antoni Macià Escatllar (Barcelona, ES) Title

Hydrocarbon chains and rings in space

Ricardo Urso (INAF, IT) Title
Maria Luisa Senent (CSIC, ES) Title
Thomas Pino (ISMO Paris, FR) Title
Sandra Wiersma (Amsterdam, NL) Title

Challenges for astrochemical modeling

Marcelino Agúndez (Madrid, ES) Title
Serena Viti (London, UK) Title
Wing-Fai Thi (MPE, DE Title
David Trunec (Masaryk, CZ) Sensitivity analysis of kinetic model for chemical reactions in prebiotic atmospheres
Jean-Christophe Loison (Bordeaux, FR) Title
Ewine van Dishoeck (Leiden, NL) Title

High energy chemistry (VUV, Xrays and electrons)

Christian Rab (Groningen, NL) X-rays and other high-energy ionization sources in protoplanetary disks
Věra Mazánková (Brna, CZ) FTIR analysis of the products of a negative corona discharge in a N2-CH4 mixture with added CO2
Christian Alcaraz (Saclay, FR) Title

Optical and spectral properties of solids in space

Jennifer Noble (Lille, FR) Title
Anita Dawes (OU, UK) Title
Belen Mate (CSIC, ES) Title

The Future

Farid Salama (NASA) Title
Ian Sims (Rennes, FR) Title
Jeff Wagg (SKA, UK) Title
Stephanie Cazaux (Delft, NL) Title


Stefano Antonellini Title
Joao Brandao Title
Henda Chaabouni Title
Qiang Chang Title
Pablo del Mazo Title
Marcin Gronowski Title
Inga Kamp Title
Jennifer Noble Title
Gunnar Nyman Title
Pilar Redondo Title
Dmitry Semenov Title
Christopher Shingledecker Title
Ionut Topala Title
Joanna Zapala Title