Chair: Petr Slavicek
Co-chair: Jean-Hughes Fillion

The WG3 focuses on modelling and measuring the rate constants for photo-dissociation and photoionization by UV and X-ray photons and cosmic radiation. The group will also study light induced processes on the surface of dust grains. The focus will be both theoretical and experimental. The WG will favor molecules that can be detected in space, especially in comets, and will emphasize the understanding of the reaction mechanisms.


Application for STSMs (travel period January-March): continuous submission until March 1st

Upcoming Events

Workshop "Formation and destruction of molecules by UV and X-ray radiation”
January 8/9 2018
Bristol, UK
SOC: P. Slavicek, B. Curchod, J.-H. Fillion (WG3)

Final Conference "Our Astro-­Chemical History: Past, Present, and Future"
September 10-14 2018
Assen, The Netherlands
SOC: I. Kamp, L. Wiesenfeld, H. Fraser, Y. Suleymanov, D. Semenov, C. Vastel, J.-H. Fillion, O. Roncero

Previous Events

First General Meeting in Prague
May 26 - 29 2015

Theory meeting in Munich
November 23 - December 8 2015

WG1 & 4 meeting
March 7 - 8 2016
Pisa (Italy)
Organizers: Skouteris, Balucani, Jorgensen, Vastel, Roncero

Summer School on Astrochemistry
August 29 - September 9 2016
Grenoble (France)
co-organized by COST, IPAG and CNRS-PCMI

Astrochemistry Week
January 16 - 20 2017
Faro (Portugal)
LOC: Joao Brandao (University of Algarve)

Training School (joint Our Astro-Chemical History and MOLIM)
August 31 - September 6 2017
Belgrade (Serbia)
SOC chairs: Laurent Wiesenfeld, Attila Csaszar
LOC chairs: Sonja Grubisik, Stanka Jerosimic

Workshop "Nitrogen Fractionation in Space”
November 8/9 2017
Natural History Museum of Copenhagen (Denmark)
SOC: Charlotte Vastel and Jes Jorgensen (WG4)

WG1/2 joint workshop and management meeting
December 11-13 2017
Universidad Castilla La Mancha at Ciudad Real (Madrid)
WG1 "Gas phase Cold chemistry of COM's: a challenge for experiments, theory and astrophysical modeling"
SOC: Catherine Walsh , Elena Jimenez, Octavio Roncero, Andre Canosa
WG2 "Surface chemistry of COM's"
SOC: Dima Semenov, Herma Cuppen
LOC for both: Octavio Roncero, Andre Canosa, Elena Jimenez