Chair: Charlotte Vastel
Co-chair: Jes Joergensen

In comets, inter planetary materials and carbonaceaous chodrites meteorites, as well as star forming regions in various evolutionary stages (from pre-stellar cores to protostars to protoplanetary disks), molecular species have been found enriched in the heavy isotopes deuterium (D) and nitrogen-15 with deuterium enrichments wildly varying, from 1 to 13 orders of magnitude. There is also a general tendency for organic molecules to display larger D-fractions compared to water while 15 N-fractionation is more active in nitrile- than amine-bearing molecules. Recent results from the Herschel Space Observatory have shown that the HDO/H2O abundance ratio in comets is essentially the same as that in our oceans (about ten times larger than the D/H cosmic ratio). The observational tools (spectroscopy, collisional rates) and theoretical tools are to be developed to understand both existing observations, forthcoming ones and actual experimental data.


Application for joint Training School in Belgrade (CM1401 and 1405): Extended deadline 5.7.2017

Application for STSMs (travel period July 20 - October 15): Deadline 30.6.2017

Upcoming Events

Training School (joint Our Astro-Chemical History and MOLIM)
August 31 - September 6 2017
Belgrade (Serbia)
SOC chairs: Laurent Wiesenfeld, Attila Csaszar
LOC chairs: Sonja Grubisik, Stanka Jerosimic

Workshop "Nitrogen Fractionation in Spaceā€
November 8/9 2017
Natural History Museum of Copenhagen (Denmark)
SOC: Charlotte Vastel and Jes Jorgensen (WG4)

Previous Events

First General Meeting in Prague
May 26 - 29 2015

Theory meeting in Munich
November 23 - December 8 2015

WG1 & 4 meeting
March 7 - 8 2016
Pisa (Italy)
Organizers: Skouteris, Balucani, Jorgensen, Vastel, Roncero

Summer School on Astrochemistry
August 29 - September 9 2016
Grenoble (France)
co-organized by COST, IPAG and CNRS-PCMI

Astrochemistry Week
January 16 - 20 2017
Faro (Portugal)
LOC: Joao Brandao (University of Algarve)